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Powered by the completely free, open-sourced, multidialectal, and audio-supported Igbo API. You can search for words in Igbo or English accompanied with audio pronunciations.

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Expert quality Igbo courses in any dialect created by professional Igbo speakers around the world. Engage in learning through videos, notes, and quizzes.

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Igbo Dictionary

Over 3,300 words, 6,000 example Igbo sentences, and 3,300 audio pronunciations. You can search for words in either Igbo or English, suggest edits, and add new words and sentences.

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Igbo API

Developers can now build software, apps, bots, and more with the most robust, Igbo-English dictionary API worldwide, which offers more than 2,500 requests per day. Making the process of learning Igbo more accessible to the Nigerian diaspora and beyond.

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