Nkọwa okwu is completely free to use. In order for this project to continue providing high-quality Igbo words, it needs to be maintained by the community.

There are many different ways you can help make this project better. Find the best fitting track for you and fill out the Volunteer Form so we can review your request and add you to the team!

✨ Not sure if you're skilled enough for any of these roles or don't see a role that quite fits your skillset? Still apply! We want to grow our community, and we can only do that if you show interest in joining.

Lexicographic-related Work

1. Editor/Translator

We are looking for editors who are fluent in both Igbo and English to translate the backlog of words in our database. As an editor, you will go through each word in the backlog, provide the Igbo translation, along with its definitions, spelling variations, and its part of speech. Then you'll add example sentences in both Igbo and English that use that word. To complete this work, you will be granted access to our admin portal.

Requirements: General computer knowledge, native Igbo and fluent English speaker, access to Internet

2. Diacritic, Tone Marking, and IPA

We are looking for skilled linguists with a breadth of knowledge concerning the Igbo language. For this role, you will be adding tone markings to each word in the database's backlog. You will provide insight on what other word metadata should be included in our database. Including tone markings is key for building pronounciation features.

Requirements: General computer knowledge, knowledge of IPA/linguistics, and Igbo, access to Internet

3. Voice Over Work

We are looking for native Igbo speakers who can pronounce words that are found in our database. You will read each word, and create a 2-4 second clip for each word that will be saved in our database which we can then release to the users Nkọwa okwu. You must have an electronic device like a phone or laptop that can record audio.

Requirements: Native Igbo speaker, access to Internet, and a quality audio recording device

Grant and Scholarships

1. Grant Researcher / Writer

We are looking for a grant researcher and writer who has the ability to sit down with the creator of Nkọwa okwu and the Igbo API and understand the problems that these projects are solving and convey these projects' solutions in grant proposals. Extra knowledge about scholarships or crowdfunding projects is a plus.

Requirements: Fluent English speaker, experience with Microsoft Word or Google Docs


1. Community Organizer

We are looking for a community organizer who can support and coordinate the project's volunteers in the Igbo API Volunteer Slack. This role focuses on supporting volunteers by onboarding new volunteers to the project by sending pre-made guides and resources, periodically checking in with volunteers to see if they need support with their work, and being generally active in the Slack channel.

Requirements: Fluent English speaker, experience with Slack, sending emails, and Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Software Development

1. Mobile Software Engineer

To help reach more Igbo users, we are creating a mobile app that uses the Igbo API to create the same experience as the website but on mobile. We are looking for engineers who have experience building mobile applications with Flutter or who are willing learn.

Requirements: Knowledge in Flutter

Creative and Digital Design

1. UI/UX Designer

We are looking for someone with any level of experience designing digital products like mobile or web apps. As a designer, you will be creating designs that engineers will implement for the platform, alongside talking with users to learn about what features should be added to the platform.

Requirements: Figma, Understanding of UI/UX, Experience with prototyping


1. Don't see a fitting role?

Fill out the Volunteer Form describing what you can add to this project! All skills welcome!

All roles are volunteer roles only, meaning that we cannot provide any form of financial compensation. We hope your love, appreciation, and the desire to sustain the Igbo language will encourage you to contribute ~ 🇳🇬