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Nkọwa okwu is an online, open-source Igbo-English dictionary app and learning platform.


Nkọwa okwu is an online, open-source Igbo-English dictionary and learning platform. Nkọwa okwu, was built on the foundation that we believe Igbo education should be free and easy to access. Igbo is a rich language with more than 20 known dialects, thats why for any search you make on the Igbo Dictionary you are provided with the word, a voice recording, the accented word, the parts of speech, the variations, definitions, example sentences, along with its dialectal variations.

Nkọwa okwu

Nkọwa okwu leverages the Igbo API that hosts over 8,000 words, 4,000 example Igbo sentences, and 2,000 audio pronunciations and 17 dialectal variations. Because we believe the language is defined by its community, Nkọwa okwu supports open-contributions from you. You can add words, dialectal variations, and even example Igbo sentences. Users any where in the world can change/update the Igbo Dictionary by submitting a suggested edit.

The team

Otu onye tuo izu, o gbue ochu! Nkọwa okwu is supported by a growing community of more than one hundred members. We are grateful to the people who work on these projects, to make them available for everyone learning Igbo.